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A Date With Pierce Brosnan

“I’ll have a whisky on the rocks,” drawls Brosnan in the most bizarre accent I have ever heard. The voice weaves together his Irish childhood, his current American life, and the dozens of characters he has given life to on stage and on screen. Continue reading

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Tony Benn: Classroom Assistant to the Nation

The neat parting of Tony Benn’s baby soft white hair, as he bends over to stuff tobacco into his pipe, is clearly visible and I can’t help but notice its careful construction. His well worn hands trembling slightly, he tries to light the pipe in between every question I ask him – but the moment he opens his mouth to speak the flame promptly dies out. Continue reading

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Lime Tea with Madeleine Bunting

Madeleine is sitting back in a comfortable polka-dotted armchair that matches nothing but compliments everything in her high ceilinged living room in Hackney, London. A seasoned reporter and commentator on religion and social affairs for the Guardian, Madeleine has momentarily forgotten that I have arrived to interview her. Continue reading

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